Who we are

Power Ten, Inc. was established in 2010 by former Marine Aviators as a platform for continued service to our country. Having served with distinction on active duty, we coalesced around the idea of bringing the best of our innovative spirit into our business careers. Power Ten now consists of a much larger team of dedicated people who embody that same innovative spirit and dedication to mission accomplishment. 

An important theme to our operations is the concept of sustainability. We view sustainability through the lens of Marines - the ability to maximize what you have to go farther, stay longer, accomplish a mission and rapidly regenerate capacity to do the next. You will see our current work and future endeavors driven along this line. While our current business is predominantly military and government, we seek opportunity in all aspects of business.

Power Ten operates along three interrelated and mutually supportive business lines of Sustainability, Studies, and Services. In the truest environmental meaning of the word sustainability, Power Ten offers novel resource recovery products that enhance the ability of military and civilian operations to harvest the maximum benefit from materials currently considered waste. But sustainability is more than environmental. Power Ten applies this spirit of innovative thought to make every endeavor more "resource" efficient, whether those resources are people, systems or budgetary. Today our studies and services teams are working in collaboration with the Marine Aviation community delivering innovative studies, publications, and services; enabling a more efficient and effective transition to new systems, operating concepts, and training operations.  Across the entire portfolio of our work, our studies team members are applying new tools and techniques to tease detail out of data that helps identify areas ripe for improvement, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. Our services subject matter experts also help other like minded businesses understand how their innovations can be applied toward the path to sustainability.


inspiration From Marine Corps AviatioN

The Marine Corps has served our country with honor, courage and distinction since 1775 and Marine Aviation has a storied history of over a century of innovation.  Whether it be the development of Close-Air-Support capabilities, the use of the helicopter for vertical maneuver from the sea, putting the first man in orbit, supporting Presidential helicopter missions, Training and Readiness standardization, or the short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) capabilities of the AV-8B, MV-22B of the F-35B, Marine Aviators have always demonstrated a receptiveness to fresh ideas, a willingness to innovate, and a compelling urge improve their support for who they serve.  We at Power Ten, Inc. capitalize on our Marine Aviation background and bring that innovative and creative ethos to our customers.