Primers & Studies Overview

Power Ten provides a comprehensive studies and analysis capability for our Government and Industry clients who need clear solutions that lead to actionable decisions or policies in the presence of complex, inter-related and competing issues.  

Our study process follows the tenets of the scientific method, incorporating innovative analytic techniques and contextual analysis by experts in the related field of inquiry.  We partner with companies and consultants with specialized skills and expertise that extend beyond our organic capability.  These partnerships allow us to provide a rich capability that is more responsive to a wide variety of challenges.

Our analytic philosophy values truth, rigor, simplicity, and relevance.  Our study teams bring preeminent skill and share a common vision of unbiased, rigorous, innovative analysis that provides positive, actionable solutions to our clients.


  • Primers
  • Data Science
  • Comprehensive Studies

What is a primer?

Primers can provide aggregated, contextual information to help educate the reader, identify shortfalls, and propose options to be researched, discussed, and demonstrated through organizational experimentation. Primers DO NOT tell personnel or organizations what to do or how to do them. Primers merely analyze problem sets in order to facilitate discussion amongst key decision makers so they can more easily pursue solutions. In many cases, just presenting the current situation from a different perspective is enough to generate discussion, development of courses of action, and informed decisions. Once solutions are found, they can also provide the requisite documentation that become the foundation for future doctrinal revisions.

Current Work and Past Performance




Marine air command & control system in support of Marine Corps Operating ConceptS Primer (2016)



Marine Expeditionary Brigade Aviation combat element Primer (2012)




MAGTF Aviation Site Command Handbook (2011)



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Unmanned air systems Primer for UAS Employment (2010)






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Insitu Cost Study.png


Insitu Cost StudY (2012)


MPEM Final Report.png


RITA Task order: Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Power and Energy Model (M-PEM) Dataset Update (2017)



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Solar Study of the Solar Energy Development on DoD Installations in the Mojave & Colorado Deserts (2012)