Services Overview

Power Ten Inc, offers onsite subject matter expert personnel for advanced aviation simulation training and Information Technology support for classroom instruction.  Additionally, we offer forward-thinking military technical subject matter expertise to advise, consult, and assist defense industry in the development of products for defense applications.

Given the challenging operational environments, limited training resources and budgets, and a high demand of more technically efficient training, Power Ten, Inc. provides an innovative approach to training personnel to effectively reach their full potential.  For over ten years, we have been serving our customers with novel and unique methods to improve training and facilitate standardized training instruction while documenting and renewing Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and Training and Readiness Manuals to increase our customer’s all-important operational readiness.

With our decades of government and military experience, we provide defense industry with SME consulting and advisement, on-hand technical and development, procurement and acquisition support to produce a relevant, reliable, and viable solution for the defense customer.  

Whether conducting personnel training and/or industry business development service, Power Ten, Inc. provides innovative and creative personnel to overcome your situational challenges and meet your overall goals. 


Defense/Military Professional Service

  • We provide experienced Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support for daily operations of military flight training scheduling/simulation, training support documentation, and other efforts requiring military and military training operations expertise.
  • Our SMEs conduct in-depth analytical support for enhancing training standardization that increases operational readiness while decreasing the training cost.
  • We are currently located within every Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) at every Marine Corps Air Station; both OCONUS and CONUS.
  • We provide on-site personnel that utilizes web-based/enabled methods to include ATS website and Training Management tools, including but not limited to Marine Sierra Hotel Aviation Readiness Program (M-SHARP), Marine Corps Aviation Learning Management System (MCALMS) and Joint Mission Planning Systems (JMPS), and Portable Flight Planning Software (PFPS) to support every Marine Aviation Training System Site.

IT Professionals

  • Our on-site IT SMEs provide computer and network administration and technical services to include maintenance and installation of computer networking capabilities with satellite classrooms and within the educational campus.
  • We also provide the initial helpdesk support to troubleshoot and restore site information system outages including: password and user name problems, virus protection, general computer problems, and loading of new/updated software.
  • We manage network and IT systems access; monitoring and overseeing electronic interface or system within a site’s location. 
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Aviation Consultants/SMEs

  • Our Aviation SMEs support Defense industry in the development of advanced aviation systems. 
  • We have SME’s on unmanned aerial systems that directly support the advance development of UAS capabilities.
  •  Our SMEs participate and lead defense industry procurement teams for UAS and manned simulation devices.


Current Work and Past Performance

U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Training System (ATS)

PM: Matt Redfern

Power Ten, Inc., as part of an integrated team with Goldbelt Hawk, LLC, supports Headquarter Marine Corps (Aviation) and Training and Education Command (TECOM) Aviation Standards Branch (ASB) directly through a single Aviation Training System (ATS) contract. ATS is the overarching aviation training structure that integrates and coordinates policy, manpower, equipment, and fiscal requirements of post initial accession training for Marine Aviation officers and enlisted personnel. ATS was established to organize and coordinate efforts to develop a completely integrated training system across Marine Aviation.

ATS integrates processes and programs for training that institutionalize Operational Excellence across all Marine aviation. “Operational Excellence” involves 1) increased combat readiness; 2) decreased cost of training – efficient and affordable; and 3) preservation of personnel and assets – Risk Mitigation through reduction in mishap causal factors from supervisory, procedural, and human error. The Training and Readiness (T&R) Manuals are foundational source documents for implementing ATS.

Power Ten, Inc. provides technical and analytical support to the ATS program to include input and assistance into training analysis, evaluations, and reviews.  We also contribute and assist in the publication and review process of the T&R manuals; provide input and assistance in determination of appropriate training requirements per specific Type/Model /Series (T/M/S) configurations within acceptable levels of risk, and coordinate ATS related source material and Interim Change requests from submittal to approval to release.

Additionally, Power Ten, Inc. provides the operations and Information and Systems Administration (ISA) support for the U.S. Marine Corps operating forces at multiple Marine Aviation Training System Sites (MATSS) located at each Marine Corps Air Station across CONUS and overseas.

Insitu, Inc UAS Advisory and Consultant Support

PM: Matt Redfern

Power Ten, Inc. provided SMEs to conduct research, collect data, assess government programs, evaluate statistical information, and assess Insitu’s capabilities to fulfill potential customer requirements. Ours SMEs provided reports and briefings to Insitu on our findings, recommendations, and conclusions.

Additionally, our SMEs assisted and guided Insitu’s in fulfilling the needs and requirements of the United States Military.  We determined the optimum fit for Insitu's product line/offering within the various defense programs and recommended on how to best deliver its product line/offering to the identified military service.

We also ascertained and sought out gaps in Insitu's capabilities within the military and worked with the engineers to create innovative and effective solutions to close those potential gaps.

Finally, our SMEs participated, supported, and lead capture activities, proposal development, and color team reviews.

LockheedMartin MCAT Advisory and SME Support

PM: Matt Redfern

Power Ten, Inc. provided SMEs to examine and assess the U.S. Marine Corps Aircrew Training programs to support Lockheed Martin’s Training and Logistics Solutions Department’s potential bid for the Marine Common Aircrew Trainer (MCAT)

Our experienced MV-22 SMEs provided specific details on MV-22 aircrew training prerequisites and information on the MV-22 Defense Weapons Systems to allow LM access requirements needed for the design of the potential MCAT System.

Our SMEs also participated, and supported product proposal development and color team reviews.