Sustainability Overview

Power Ten's sustainability ethos derives from the frugal and self-reliant, expeditionary nature of our Marine Corps past. We believe that maximizing the use of what you have makes best sense for the environment and the balance sheet. Our technologies focus on resource recovery and maximizing energy and water utility while minimizing the negative impacts of operations to human health and the world in which we live. Each of these technologies are small scale, ready to deploy, easy to maintain, and affordable.


Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS™)

MAGS is the world’s most compact, efficient and environmentally safe technology for the conversion of combustible materials into thermal energy for use by the site generating these materials. MAGS is an appliance used to eliminate combustible by-products produced by a ship, base, or institution, while sterilizing the inorganic portion of the waste. Waste streams that can be easily treated by MAGS include, but are not limited to, paper/cardboard, plastics, food, oily rags, oils and sludges. MAGS is a product of our partner Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc of Montreal, QC Canada.

Wastewater electrochemical treatment technology (WETT™)

Terragon’s WETT is a new, patented approach to treat water for recycle and reuse, or to treat water for safe discharge. Their approach is based on cutting-edge electrochemistry, and a design philosophy which eliminates biological treatment, disposable filters and membranes, and the need to add chemical reagents. WETT is ideally suited for decentralized wastewater treatment, temporary or remote sites, applications with variable influent loadings and concentrations, and use cases requiring automated operation or on / off capability.


Fuel Efficiency and Emissions control for Diesel engines

Power Ten will soon offer a promising new technology for the improvement of Diesel Engine thermal efficiency that offers the dual benefits of increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It is under evaluation by the California Air Resources Board, so we can't say much more about commercial sales until those results are in.  But the prototype results are indeed promising, and it is available for US Government trails now. Stay Tuned!