Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology (WETT™-0)

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Terragon has developed WETT™-O (Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology for Oily Water), the first certified electrochemical treatment system for marine oily bilge water. It consists of a cutting edge suite of unit operations for the fully automatic treatment of oily bilge water and other oily aqueous streams. WETT-O is a lightweight compact unit based on coalescence separation of free oil, followed by a proprietary self-cleaning anti-passivating Electrocoagulation unit (or suite of Electrocoagulation units depending on the model) and a Turner Design TD-107 Oil Content Monitor.

WETT-O breaks the oily emulsions contained in bilge water and produces an effluent with less than 5 ppm of oil. As well, it removes many pollutants such as large solids, suspended solids, free oil, colloids, organics, phosphorus and heavy metals.

WETT-O does not require pre-treatment, heating, biological treatment, chemicals and associated tanks, filters, membranes or polishing adsorbent media. Therefore, it requires significantly less maintenance than many other commercially available oily water treatment systems while being effective, compact and robust. Its operation requires only small amount of electricity and inexpensive aluminum plates that need to be replaced every 1 to 3 months, depending on bilge water generation rate and pollutant levels.

The WETT-O technology is designed to operate continuously 24/7 without operator attendance and offers treatment capacities between 1.44 m3/d (380 gal/d) and 10.8 m3/d (2853 gal/d) depending on the model.


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