MAGS™ – Practical, On-site Solution for Waste Elimination

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Tricon MAGSPower Ten, Inc. has partnered with Terragon Environmental Technologies to offer a unique tool for waste management and energy renewal. The Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS™) is an appliance that supports the dual goals of waste destruction and resource recovery critical to sustainable environments and efficient operations. MAGS™ treats waste at the source and coverts the waste to energy through its internal gasification process. In one day, a single MAGS™ can process up to one ton of “as received” waste, reducing its volume by 95% while harvesting the its valuable thermal energy. These features help eliminate the negative environmental impact of transportation, landfilling, and incineration.

MAGS™ can treat organic solid wastes, medical and infectious wastes, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs and contraband, plastic media, as well as a range of oily organic wastes. MAGS™ is ideally suited for military, hotels, isolated stations, remote parks, temporary work sites, housing or barracks clusters, humanitarian relief, or anywhere there is a need to treat waste locally.

MAGSTM supports strategies for reducing greenhouse gasses (GHG), renewing energy, diverting waste from landfills and the seas, and mitigating transportation issues relating to waste disposal.

  • Greenhouse Gas reduction – Organic wastes in landfills decompose into methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Every ton of waste treated by MAGSTM instead of landfills prevents the release of two tons of carbon dioxide.
  • Fossil fuel reduction – Treating waste locally with MAGSTM greatly reduces fuel use associated with the transportation of waste. Additionally, harvesting the thermal output from MAGSTM offsets fossil fuels used for hot water and HVAC systems. Compared to incinerator technologies, gasifications requires much less fuel use for operation.
  • Positive health impacts  –  Hazardous smoke, gasses, and particulate matter from trucks and incinerators are all part of the current waste process. MAGSTM sequesters the carbon and carbon by-products from the waste and has negligible gaseous emissions. MAGSTM meets or exceeds the most stringent emissions standards.
  • Solid waste management – Waste is processed as-received and results in a 95% reduction by volume thus reducing manpower required in the management process.

MAGS is designed from the outset to be simple to operate and maintain. The operator interface is simpler than placing laundry in a front load washer. The custodian’s daily preventative maintenance duties are simple and straight forward, taking only minutes per day. There are no hydraulic bin loaders or other complex ancillary systems to maintain. There is essentially no training required for the operators.

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