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02 January 2013

In the spotlight: Capt. Thomas Mayhew

Reserve Units Change Leadership at China Lake

Power Ten, Inc. is pleased to congratulate team member Capt. Thomas Mayhew on his appointment. Read the full Story below.

CHINA LAKE, Calif. -- West coast units of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Reserve Program (NRP) changed leadership during a ceremony held at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD)China Lake on Dec. 15.

Rear Adm. Kirby Miller, NAVAIR vice commander and director of the NAVAIR Reserve Program, and Rear Adm. Paul Sohl, NAWCWD commander, attended the ceremony.

About 70 Reservists attended the ceremony, held in conjunction with a three-day meeting to coordinate the actions of all the units that interact with China Lake.

Capt. Thomas Mayhew relieved Capt. Patrick Mulcahy as commanding officer of the NAWCWD Reserve Unit. The unit provides support for emerging mission areas in support of the Irregular Warfare Technology Office and provides uniformed personnel with engineering and aviation expertise not normally found on active duty or within the civilian workforce. Reservists in this unit support the rapid deployment of emerging systems.

Cmdr. Mark Mouriski relieved Capt. (sel) Todd White as officer in charge of the Flight Test Augmentation Unit at Point Mugu. This unit provides engineering- and aviation-experienced personnel to operate and oversee the safe operation of unmanned aerial vehicles for VX-30 and Commander Test Wing Pacific.

Cmdr. Donald Brockett relieved Cmdr. Hans Hartwig as officer in charge of the Maintenance and Modification Detachment (Det) A at China Lake. This unit provides aircraft maintenance support to VX-9, and personnel to staff forward deployed combat repair positions at the depot level.

Capt. Reza Ghaffari relieved Capt. Daniel MacInnis as officer in charge of the Rapid R&D Detachment at North Island. Ghaffari will lead this unit that supports the Irregular Warfare Technology Office in the development of surveillance systems and specialized sensors. The unit also provides deployable personnel to support the rapid operational deployment of emerging systems.

Cmdr. Matthew Butkis relieved Cmdr. John Soma as officer in charge of the Program Executive Office Reserve Unit Detachment A at Point Mugu. Det A supports the interface between PMAs, including PMA-263 and PMA-266, with NAWCWD and Commander Test Wing Pacific.

Cmdr. David Storr was relieved as the officer in charge of In-Service Engineering and Logistics Detachment B at China Lake. Det B uses the unique China Lake ranges and assets to provide training to Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corp personnel in the assessment of combat damage to aircraft. Once trained, these personnel deploy into combat theaters and provide combatant commanders expert assessments of damaged aircraft. Storrs relief has yet to be identified. In the interim, Lt. Cmdr. Scott Quackenbush is the acting officer in charge.

Since its inception, the NRP has operated as both a strategic and operational force and has provided almost 61,000 days of mobilized support to Navy and NAVAIR missions. More than 41,000 of those days were deployed support to forward missions. The main strength of the NRP is its human talent. NRP members provide a unique blend of leading-edge industrial knowledge coupled with military acquisitions background, enabling NAVAIR to leverage and integrate the best from the nation’s industry base.

Courtesy of NAWCWD Public Affairs

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Capt. Thomas Mayhew

Rear Adm. Kirby Miller, NAVAIR vice commander and director of the NAVAIR Reserve Program, and Rear Adm. Paul Sohl, NAWCWD commander, celebrate with the leadership of west coast units of NRP at a change of command ceremony held at China Lake on Dec. 15. Pictured from left are Miller, Sohl, Capt. Patrick Mulcahy, Capt. Thomas Mayhew, Capt. Daniel McInnis, Capt. Reza Ghaffari, Capt. (select) Todd White, Cmdr. Donald Brockett and Cmdr. Matthew Butkis. Not available were Cmdr. David R. Storr, Cmdr. John Soma, Cmdr. Hans Hartwig and Cmdr. Mark Mouriski. (U.S. Navy photo)