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21 February 2013

Building Your Social Community

Building Your Social Community

Building a social media presence from scratch can be a daunting task. At a recent seminar, one of the presenters said she felt sorry for community managers who had less than 1000 followers. Her reasoning was that these managers spent so much time worrying about gaining or losing a follower that they were not able to manage their communities. These statements made me want to stand up and walk out of the presentation right then and there. Looking back at this event, I must say that building new communities can certainly be a challenge, but the opportunities provided by a small audience can also give the community manager a greater opportunity to engage directly with those who care most about what the company is doing.

Here are three advantages for building your community from the ground up. Read more »

6 February 2013

Tips for LinkedIn Targeted Posts


Change can be both good and bad, but there is no question, recent changes made to LinkedIn are all good. In fact, when the new tool can provide a targeted approach to help you meet your audience, the only question that should arise is, “How can I use this?” LinkedIn has recently made a number of changes available to company page managers and these improvements are putting the power into your hands.

In one of our last posts, 4 Tips to Take Advantage of LinkedIn's Changes, we discussed the ins-and-outs of getting your company page primed to present to your audience. Your company page provides you with a platform to interact with the people who want to know you. The keyword is “interact”. Read more »

23 January 2013

4 Tips to Take Advantage of LinkedIn's Changes


Being in front of your audience has always been important to business leaders and their companies. For the past few years now, LinkedIn has been seen as the premier network for professionals to connect with one another to network, share ideas, and see what their competition is doing. Through a series of upgrades to the network, LinkedIn has positioned itself to continue to be a great place for you to be. One often overlooked advantage of LinkedIn as a social network is the ability for companies to introduce their products and services, as well as the company, to a broad audience through the use of “Company Pages”.

In one of our previous posts, Are You and Your Company LinkedIn?, we discussed some of the benefits of a company page. Here are 4 tips based on LinkedIn’s new updates that can help you optimize your company page. Read more »

16 January 2013

5 Tips To Get More Retweets

Social MediaSo, your company has invested the time and energy to become participants in the world of Social Media. You have carefully mapped out your goals and objectives and know your strategy, you have chosen the platform you are going to start with and now are ready to jump in head first. We discussed Twitter last week and the importance of setting it up for success, this week let’s take a look at another important piece of the puzzle, content.

At Power Ten, Inc., we constantly say that you are only as good as your content. In the snapshot world of social media, a quick glance will often determine whether your content will be seen and shared, or passed over like that spam mail from your wealthy relative in Nigeria who just passed away leaving his fortune to you for a small sum.

One of the immediate ways to know that you are being seen is the “retweet.” A retweet is simply where someone likes the content you have created or shared enough to pass it on to their followers. Here are 5 simple tips to get more retweets. Read more »

09 January 2013

5 Tips on Setting Up for Twitter Success

Social MediaSocial Media continues to see substantial growth among companies cementing Twitter and the other social media tools as serious business resources and not just a passing trend. Companies are realizing the need for a Twitter page to provide useful information linking back to their business. Here at Power Ten, Inc., it never surprises me, that while performing an evaluation of a company’s social media usage, many businesses overlook taking simple yet important steps to help make Twitter as beneficial as it can be. Keeping Twitter up-to-date is simple and can be a great tool for keeping your brand in front of its audience. The following are 5 easy tips that can help you use Twitter successfully. Read more »

17 August 2012

New Offering: Power Ten, Inc. Now Offering Social Media Services
Social Media Offering

Social Media continues to grow and become a part of everyday life for people and businesses worldwide. As this growth continues to expand around the globe, government and defense users are increasingly faced with the task of harnessing this tool to benefit their company.

Current estimates show that there is an estimated:

  • 1.5 billion Social Network Services (SNS) users worldwide
  • 955 million active Facebook users (June 2012)
  • 250 million active Google+ members (June 2012)
  • 70% of Facebook users are based outside of the U.S.
  • 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every second

See how we can help you! Click to learn more »

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06 July 2012

Social Media in Defense - Are You and Your Company LinkedIn?

Social Media Networks

In a previous edition of Social Media for Defense we discussed Facebook and Twitter. Each of these platforms provides both benefits and challenges that are crucial to keep in mind when participating in social media. It is also important to mention one of the other networks and that is available, LinkedIn.

For a business owner, LinkedIn is a great tool for conducting background research on a company that you may wish to connect with to share your company's products or services. You can request connections through your immediate network to others who you wish to approach. You can also use LinkedIn as a tool to brainstorm ideas, seek feedback on an idea, product, or cause, or simply use it to network with others who are similarly requesting feedback or needing answers to questions. Read more »

28 June 2012

Social Media in Defense - Choosing the Right Network

Social Media Networks

Choosing the right tool makes a difference when you are trying to accomplish the task at hand. When it comes to hanging a picture, there are several ways to hang it; however, using a hammer, nail and level to get the picture where you want it is one of the best ways. The same is true when it comes to Social Media, choosing the proper tools for the job will help you accomplish the task in an efficient manner.

In this column of Social Media for Defense, we will examine some of the tools that can be used to share your message with the audience you want to reach. After working through Step 1 as discussed in the Strategy column, there should be a team in place and a basic set of objectives that your company or organization is trying to achieve. Once these goals have been decided upon, it is time to choose a social media platform to use. Read more »

19 June 2012

Social Media for Defense – Do You Know Your Strategy?

Social Media StrategySocial media is more than just a platform to broadcast your message. In last week's Power Ten, Inc.'s Social Media for Defense column, the topic of broadcasting vs. influencing for social communities was discussed. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow people to bridge geographical gaps connecting, talking, and interacting in a meaningful way. Using social media can be a valuable communication strategy; however, it needs to be more than just a platform used as a sounding board. It needs to be a well-coordinated message with the end result in mind.

As one of the most successful users of Social Media for Defense, the U.S. Army knows the importance of planning and preaches it in their handbook. "Step 1 – Determine what you plan to achieve with your social media presence. Make sure you have a way forward and set your goals. Developing a social media outreach plan requires a lot of thought, so make sure you know how you plan to use social media to communicate." Read more »

12 June 2012

Social Media for Defense – Are You Influencing Your Audience?

Social MediaIn our previous column on Social Media for Defense we discussed some key points for engaging on social media while maintaining a level of security for you and your company. As noted there are tools available to secure your privacy while getting your message out to your public, but what is the message that you want to send to your listeners? What happens when the message is relayed using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other tools? We will look at this information here and in future columns.

To start a successful campaign, it is crucial to have a succinct message and the right channel to reach your audience. In a recent presentation by Scott Helfstein, PhD, with the US Military Academy's Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, he spoke about the importance of having a plan for your message before broadcasting to the masses. Read more »

05 June 2012

Social Media for Defense – Keeping Secure in a Social World

Social MediaSocial Media continues to grow and become a part of everyday life for people and businesses worldwide. As this growth continues to expand around the globe, government and defense users are increasingly faced with the security challenges posed by such a far-reaching open-platform.

With this great amount of information being shared the question must be asked, what are the dangers and how can we combat them while harnessing the power of such a useful tool?

In part one of a series that will be available from Power Ten, Inc. we will look at some of the challenges posed and how to ensure that you are not providing an opening for others to exploit. Read more »