Training & Doctrine

Power Ten, Inc. provides and facilitates standardized training instruction while documenting and updating Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and Training and Readiness (T&R) Manuals to increase our customer’s operational readiness.


  • We provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and in-depth analytical support for improving training standardization to increases operational readiness while decreasing the cost of training.
    • Currently located with every MEF in USMC, both OCONUS and CONUS
    • Use simulation training and classroom instruction for all ranks to improve safety and operational readiness
    • Facilitates Training and Readiness (T&R) procedural changes and conferences.
    • Instructs specific classroom instruction for MAWTS-1 (Fires)


    We also provide technical and analytical support for development, writing and publication of training directives and manuals.

    • Contribute to Marine Corps Doctrine Publications
    • Authored UAS and Command & Control Primers
    • Provides analysis, draft and edit Marine Corps Training and Readiness for operators and maintainers
    • Assist, define, and author military requirements for the government and industry

For more information, download the P10 Training & Doctrine Brochure.

Selected Contracts:

Contract : U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Training System (ATS); PM: Matt Redfern

Power Ten, Inc., as part of an integrated team with Goldbelt Hawk, LLC, supports Headquarter Marine Corps (Aviation) and Training and Education Command (TECOM) Aviation Standards Branch (ASB) directly through a single Aviation Training System (ATS) contract.  ATS integrates processes and programs for training that institutionalize Operational Excellence across all Marine aviation. “Operational Excellence” involves 1) increased combat readiness; 2) decreased cost of training – efficient and affordable; and 3) preservation of personnel and assets – Risk Mitigation through reduction in mishap causal factors from supervisory, procedural, and human error. The Training and Readiness (T&R) Manuals are foundational source documents for implementing ATS.

Power Ten, Inc. provides technical and analytical support to the ATS program to include input and assistance into training analysis, evaluations, and reviews.  We also contribute and assist in the publication and review process of the T&R manuals; provide input and assistance in determination of appropriate training requirements per specific Type/Model /Series (T/M/S) configurations within acceptable levels of risk, and coordinate ATS related source material and Interim Change requests from submittal to approval to release.

Additionally, Power Ten, Inc. provides the operations and Information and Systems Administration (ISA) support for the U.S. Marine Corps operating forces at multiple Marine Aviation Training System Sites (MATSS) located at each Marine Corps Air Station across CONUS and overseas.

Contract/Task Orders – United States Marine Corps Documentation & Primers; PM Michael Kennedy

HQMC(A) Support Overview- Assisted in the refinement and publication of concepts and tools to more effectively enable command decision-making. Deliverables: Site Command Primer; Battle Command Display Primer; Aviation Operations Graphics, TACC Primer, UAS Tactical Pocket Guide, WOCC Analysis.

Site Command Primer- Developed and refined the Aviation Site Command concept and drafted and published a Site Command Primer for staffing and review by the Doctrine Division as a Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP).   Explored candidate technologies to enable Aviation Command Decision making, observing major exercises, liaison with industry (GDC4S; NGC; Boeing; Solypsis) to evaluate off-the-shelf technologies, and worked closely with the Operating Forces and MACCS-X.

BCD Primer- Developed and refined concepts for Battle Command Displays (BCD) and Virtual Work Environments and assisted HQMC(Aviation) with the implementation of these concepts throughout the USMC operating forces.  Analysts worked with teams from industry and the operating forces to standardize and implement information architectures templates for the BCD.   Developed courseware related to Site Command Concept and the Battle Command Display for distribution and implementation in support of the Aviation Career Progression Model (ACPM) Phases I and II.

UAS Tactical Pocket Guide- Developed and drafted an Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) Tactical Pocket Guide which provided a single-point of reference for current and planned UAS platforms and CONOPS.

Aviation Operations Graphics- Document developed to standardize command and control graphics used in the planning and execution processes to ensure interoperability and increased accuracy of shared decision-making information.

Selected Personnel:

Mr. Matthew Redfern

Mr. Redfern is the Director of Training & Doctrine in addition to his role as Senior Manager for Power Ten, Inc.’s Aviation Department. Mr. Redfern is a former senior-level Marine Corps officer with over 30 years of extensive experience in aviation organizational and program management.  He served as the subject matter expert and principal advisor to the Commander of Naval Air Forces on all Marine Aviation training, readiness, and budgetary issues.  He has commanded and led medium-to-large aviation units and as the Chief of Staff of Third Marine Aircraft Wing (3D MAW) with over 16,000 personnel and 535 aircraft, he oversaw the training of three Aircraft Carrier squadron deployments, eight squadron deployments to Japan, seven Marine Expeditionary Unit deployments, and the deployment of one-third of the Wing assets and over 5000 personnel to Iraq and Afghanistan.  He also served as the Chief of Staff for 3D MAW(Fwd) in Al ASad, Iraq, where he supervised the combat operations, personnel and maintenance readiness for the F/A-18, AV-8B, KC-130, CH-53E, CH-46, UH-1N, AH-1W, RQ-7B Shadow and Scan Eagle UAS aircraft. During his career, he served as the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) Aviation Combat Element Commander, a Program Manager, Operational Test Director, Presidential Helicopter Pilot, Quality Assurance Officer, and a Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One Division Head and Instructor Pilot.  Program Management Level I Certified from the Defense Acquisition University, he is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College, the Marine Corps University Command and Staff College and Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Mr. Michael Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy is the Chief Strategy & Planning Officer for Power Ten, Inc. and Director of Command & Control and Second Generation Dashboards (C2/D2) Business in addition to being a Senior Systems Analyst. Mr. Kennedy entered industry from the U.S. Marine Corps after a distinguished career in aviation and MAGTF fires as an F/A-18 pilot. His career highlights include Deputy Commander of an Expeditionary Strike Group, command of a fighter Squadron, experience as a MEF level Force Fires Coordinator, and extensive experience in education and training management. His individual training experience as squadron pilot training officer included graduation from the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). As the Executive Officer of Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific, he exercised oversight of a 250 personnel accredited school house providing multi-site instruction in multiple disciplines such as strategic sealift and airlift, landing craft air cushion crew and maintenance training, staff planning and expeditionary logistics. Mr. Kennedy has over 25 years experience developing, implementing and improving training systems and instructional techniques; developing tactics, techniques and procedures; creating concepts of operations, directing high tempo operations, managing projects management, reducing operational risk and managing complex operations in a resource constrained environment. He is well versed in MAGTF C2 issues and co-authored a 250 page doctrinal training manual currently in use at tactical and operational-level schoolhouses. He has also authored numerous articles published in multiple professional journals and periodicals shaping ideas that have since been adapted for use in military doctrinal publications. Mr. Kennedy’s educational background includes a B.S. in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University and an M.S. in Technology Management from National University.