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Past Performance

Power Ten, Inc. is very proud of its reputation and dedication to providing the best possible service to our customers.
Please see a sampling of our Past Performance below.

Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA)


The Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA) plans, conducts, and reports on operational tests of Marine Corps systems. Power Ten, Inc. is partnered with BAE to provide test and evaluation management services for various test branches within MCOTEA. Our people have developed a reputation within the organization and have been recognized for their functional and technical expertise and exceptional work ethic. Power Ten, Inc. has managers and technical experts on various programs in the MAGTF C4ISR Test Branch, the Ground Combat Test Branch, and the Expeditionary Test Branch.

U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Training System (ATS)

Power Ten, Inc. supports Headquarter Marine Corps (Aviation) and Training and Education Command (TECOM) Aviation Standards Branch (ASB) directly through a single Aviation Training System (ATS) contract. ATS integrates processes and programs for training that institutionalize Operational Excellence across all Marine aviation. “Operational Excellence” involves 1) increased combat readiness; 2) decreased cost of training – efficient and affordable; and 3) preservation of personnel and assets – Risk Mitigation through reduction in mishap causal factors from supervisory, procedural, and human error. The Training and Readiness (T&R) Manuals are foundational source documents for implementing ATS.

Power Ten, Inc. provides technical and analytical support to the ATS program to include input and assistance into training analysis, evaluations, and reviews. We also contribute and assist in the publication and review process of the T&R manuals; provide input and assistance in determination of appropriate training requirements per specific Type/Model /Series (T/M/S) configurations within acceptable levels of risk, and coordinate ATS related source material and Interim Change requests from submittal to approval to release.

Additionally, Power Ten, Inc. provides the operations and Information and Systems Administration (ISA) support for the U.S. Marine Corps operating forces at multiple Marine Aviation Training System Sites (MATSS) located at each Marine Corps Air Station across CONUS and overseas.

Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA)


The Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity is the Marine Corps’ tactical systems integrator and lead DT&E facility. Power Ten, Inc. provides technical services to the MAGTF C4I Capability Certification Test (MC3T) program that has grown into a virtualized and distributed testing environment. The role in the first option was to provide technical expertise leading to a SIAT sponsored test event at the end of CY 2012.

Power Ten, Inc. works with the MC3T COR to provide mission threads, and initial test bed inventory, test architecture that was DoDAF compliant, along with providing meeting support and reporting. Power Ten is also involved in writing and verifying standard engineering processes that will be unitize during the 2012 test events. The ultimate goal for Power Ten, Inc. is to develop an official Marine Corps SoS certification program, which is now coming to fruition.

Power Ten, Inc.’s onsite team maintains a solid relationship with its customers at MCTSSA through continuous interaction at both the local level and through company leadership at the HQMC level. Continued solid performance is key to this success. MCTSSA also noted Power Ten, Inc.'s flexibility and adaptability as a key factor in our close working relationship.

Insitu Business-to-Business Support

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Power Ten, Inc. has focused on bringing Insitu closer to its largest end user, the US Marine Corps, to improve Insitu’s effectiveness in the delivery of its marketing message to the DoD and to share insights with the leadership of Insitu on how best to retain its leadership in the Small Tactical UAS market. Our services were covered under SSOW 11-1042 and funded through PO 021692. The work was broken down into four major task areas Advisory Board Support, Proposal Support, Business Development/Marketing Support, and Cost Study.