Waste-to-energy system, MAGS™, makes traversing the Northwest Passage a reality for luxury cruise ship Crystal Serenity.


screenshot-2016-11-10-15-34-46Recently, Crystal Serenity completed a 32-day voyage from Alaska to New York City through the Northwest Passage just north of Canada, marking the first time a large luxury cruise ship successfully traversed its ways through the Arctic region.

The Arctic is quickly growing in terms of strategic importance related to new transport routes and natural resources. Development has been met with the recognition that the Arctic is a sensitive environment. Conscious of the pristine nature of this area, Crystal Cruises elected to bring onboard a unique waste-to-energy system developed by Power Ten, Inc. partner Terragon. The patented system (MAGS or Micro Auto Gasification System) is commercially available and can handle up to 50 kg/hour of solid waste, converting it into useful thermal energy. Unlike marine incinerators, MAGS does not release soot or other pollutants to the air, a true benefit for both the environment and the passengers. Throughout the transit, Crystal operated as it always does with a nothing overboard policy, and throughout the voyage it operated in a manner to meet or exceed all environmentally regulatory requirements for the region.


On August 29, the Crystal Serenity stopped at the Northern community of Cambridge Bay (Nunavut), where another MAGS system is undergoing field trials. Thus, for a brief period, a shipboard MAGS and a land-based MAGS were brought together in the Arctic, a testament to the growing recognition of the potential of Terragon’s MAGS technology for the North. Providing clean energy fueled by waste to both Cambridge Bay and the Crystal Serenity marks a shift in overall philosophy, where waste is viewed as a valuable resource rather than something to be discharged to land or the ocean. Terragon is proud to be associated with these groups, whose interest in sustainable practices will serve as examples for others and lead the way forward.

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Congratulations to partner Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. on Lloyd’s List North American Maritime Innovation Award 2016 Win

Screenshot 2016-06-02 13.12.39

Congratulations to partner Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. on their Lloyd’s List North American Maritime Innovation Award 2016 win for their Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology (WETT-O) a unique, compact, shipboard proven chemical-free and filter-free oily water separator (OWS). Dr. Valérie Léveillé, Business Development Director for Water Solutions at Terragon, accepted the prestigious award at the May 19th gala in New York.

The Innovation Award recognizes an innovative project or technology which has demonstrated or has verified potential to move shipping forward. The technology that won the award is Terragon’s Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology (WETT-O) which is the first Type Approved shipboard OWS based on electrochemistry.

In Dr. Valérie Léveillé’s speech, she expressed that “This is truly an honour for Terragon since in 2014, we won the Technical Innovation award for our first product MAGS, and this year we win this Innovation award for our WETT-O our second product. This is an amazing recognition especially for a small company”. This award reinforces Terragon’s conviction that WETT- O will truly make a difference in ship bilge water management and motivates Terragon in its plan to commercialize WETT-O for the end of 2016.

More information about Lloyd’s List North American Awards 2016 can be found at http://www.lloydslistawards- northamerica.com/

More information on Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. can be found at www.terragon.net 

Terragon Environmental Technologies, Inc. Featured in Sustainable Business Magazine

Peter Tsantrizos, President of Terragon Environmental Technologies, Inc., was recently interviewed in Sustainable Business Magazine to discuss his company’s waste elimination and treatment technologies. Dr. Tsantrizos explains that Terragon’s goal is to eliminate the concept of waste altogether through the development of small scale technologies fro the onsite conversion of waste into resources.

Terragon has developed three such technologies:
Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS) is for solid waste;
Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology (WETT) is for liquid waste;
and System for Total Environmental Protection (STEP), a platform for integrating MAGS and WETT.

Their ability to be used on-site, and user / environmentally-friendly systems, mean Terragon has come up with a way to safely eliminate and transform waste into usable resources, such as energy and useful water. For more information regarding MAGS, WETT, and STEP waste elimination technologies, and the complete interview with Dr. Tsantrizos, click the link below:

Terragon Environmental Technologies, Inc. “Nothing Wasted”Dr. Tsantrizos, President of Terragon

Power Ten, Inc. awarded EF-21 Primer Contract

We at Power Ten, Inc. are proud to announce we have been awarded the contract to develop the Marine Air Command and Control System (MACCS) in Support of Expeditionary Force-21 Primer. This publication will serve as a vision for the MACCS community by detailing the manner in which the MACCS will incorporate its transformative technologies, refocus/redesign its training, and how it employs in support of the MAGTF. Power Ten is honored to be able to provide continued support to HQMC Deputy Commandant for Aviation.

EF-21 Logo

Power Ten, Inc.’s partner Terragon Environmental Technologies honored for MAGS technology

Power Ten. Inc.’s partner Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. is once again honored for their award winning MAGS technology!  Once again they are a finalist for the 2015 Ship Efficiency Awards. MAGS is more than a technology worth watching, it is one worth having!  For more information about MAGS, please contact us here at Power Ten, Inc.


Press Release – 08/20/15

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that they have been short-listed as a finalist for the 2015 Ship Efficiency Awards under the category, “The One to Watch”. The winners will be announced during London International Shipping Week on September 9th, at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center.

The One to Watch category considers the potential of a commercially viable project, concept or technology which can lead to significant progress in advancing maritime energy efficiency and environmental impact reduction. Terragon’s Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS) transforms shipboard garbage and oil sludges into energy, while creating its own fuel, and meets stronger regulations worldwide. The technology has also been recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), understanding there is a need for a new category and regulation to be developed for such technologies; at the 68th MEPC Session the Committee approved for this work to begin.

“We are honored to be nominated and thank the judges for their consideration. We hope the industry continues to adapt our MAGS technology, and realize the operational, environmental, and economic advantages it provides versus to today’s polluting and inefficient processes,” says Terragon’s CEO & President, Peter Tsantrizos.

For the complete list of Finalists, follow this link – http://www.fathomshippingevents.com/ship- efficiency-the-awards-2015.html.


About Terragon

Terragon is a leading environmental technology company that develops and commercializes products to enable off-grid sustainability. The company’s vision is to enable the “zero-waste discharge” habitat, whereby all waste streams are used to generate valuable resources for the site that is creating the waste. More information can be found on Terragon’s website – www.terragon.net


Congratulations to Power Ten, Inc.’s Beth Oliver and Chad Hannah, and partner company GbHawk, LLC’s Aimee Sowder on their success at the TKD World Championships in London last week!

TKD WOrl Championships Congrats

Power Ten, Inc. Employee Spotlight: Tom Mayhew

Employee Spotlight: Tom Mayhew, Director of Cybersecurity Solutions at Power Ten, Inc.Tom Mayhew

Mr. Tom Mayhew leads Power Ten’s Cybersecurity Solutions Team and brings significant industry and military experience in information technology and engineering. He holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification and has led software development and Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework initiatives supporting the Office of Naval Research and Marine Corps Systems Command.

Get to Know Tom, Quick Q&A

1. Number of years with Power Ten, Inc.


2. Why did you choose to study electrical engineering? Business Administration?

I was always good at math and enjoyed taking things apart and figuring out how they worked. Plus I heard that electrical engineering majors had the highest starting salaries of any major at my college. While I was working an internship the summer before my senior year of engineering school, I became interested in business, particularly finance, and decided to continue right into an MBA program.

3. You spent 25 years in the Navy Reserve. How did you decide to join?

I had always been interested in the military, having grown up on an Air Force base and then near a big Army post. I joined the Army after high school and got to fly helicopters as an air cavalry scout. When I got out of the Army and went to college, my interest in the military continued and when I was in the MBA program I found out about the Navy Reserve’s direct commissioned officer program for aerospace engineering duty officers. I had some great mentors help me get started, including the father of my business school roommate, who had been the vice commander at NAVAIR.

4. Did your work supporting NAVAIR entice you to work in cybersecurity after retirement?

It did to a certain extent, but it was my previous civilian experience at Accenture and Oracle that got me interested in cybersecurity. I worked for Oracle for fourteen years and helped them launch their internet and electronic commerce solutions. My last few years at Oracle, I was the company’s subject matter expert on network-centric operations for the military and intelligence markets.

5. Describe your work as part of the Power Ten Team.

I am honored to be part of Power Ten. In 2006, I was recalled to active duty and deployed to Iraq with Third Marine Aircraft Wing. I felt a very strong sense of clarity and purpose as I supported combat operations with the Marine Corps. About a year after I returned from Iraq, I left my job at Oracle and came back on active duty with Third Marine Aircraft Wing where I served on the wing staff. My first two bosses eventually retired from the Marine Corps and joined Power Ten. I had stayed in touch with them and was offered a job when I came off active duty in 2012. Since then, I have worked on a number of programs introducing new technology and combat capabilities into the fleet. The best part of being at Power Ten, to me, is working with current Marines as our customer and former Marines as my teammates.

6. What does Power Ten’s Cybersecurity Solutions Team do?

We participate in the newly-introduced Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework process for authorizing information systems to operate in the Marine Corps and Department of Defense cyber domains. Power Ten’s strength is its great pedigree of experience in Marine Corps aviation operations, training, command and control and leadership. We hope to develop a similar pedigree in the cybersecurity realm.

7. What is/has been your favorite part about being the director of the Cybersecurity Solutions Team? Program Manager?

My favorite part of everything I do at Power Ten is working with Marines. I love to mentor and teach the next generation of leaders and experts, and hopefully help them to become the best at what they do, and to be better than I was!

Thank you Mr. Mayhew for your service and excellent work with the Power Ten Team!



John Sherry, Operations Coordinator for MATSS Beaufort receives Letter of Appreciation

Congratulations Mr. John Sherry, Operations Coordinator for Marine Aviation Training System Site (MATSS) Beaufort.  Mr. Sherry received a Letter of Appreciation from the Officer-in-Charge of MATSS Beaufort for his leadership, creativity, and professional initiative in the conduct of his duties at MCAS Beaufort.  Mr. Sherry has been instrumental in the technical upgrades and infrastructure improvements to the Beaufort MATSS facility.  He has brought forth a sense of teamwork and has provided outstanding mentorship to the SNCOs and NCOs assigned to the MATSS.  Mr. Sherry also received a appreciatory note from the MAG-31 Commanding Officer for his role in supporting MALS-31 in setting up and facilitating the ALIS maintenance training for over 76 maintenance and supply personnel.

Power Ten, Inc. Awarded Cybersecurity Risk Management Support on AC2SN Second Generation Dashboard (D2) in Support of the Marine Corps Systems Command

Power Ten, Inc. is happy to announce we have been awarded the contract for Cybersecurity Risk Management Support on AC2SN Second Generation Dashboard (D2) to further refine and improve a decision maker’s operational dashboard for AC2SN focusing on Cybersecurity Risk Management, Business Process Mapping, and Refinement of User Defined Dashboards. This contract combines Power Ten’s rich operational experience with our Cybersecurity expertise. Power Ten, Inc. and partner, Moebius Solutions, Inc., are grateful for the opportunity to provide dedicated, continuing to support Marine Corps Systems Command.

Second Generation Dashboard (D2)

About Power Ten, Inc.

Power Ten, Inc. was founded by former Marines as a platform for continued service to our country.  Our unique distributed work environment and results-oriented business model attracts quality people and allows them to follow their talents and passions. Our primary customer is the Marine Corps and we also serve the broader Department of Defense and industry. We are primarily a services company with offerings in Aviation Training, Command and Control, Test and Evaluation, Studies and Analysis, Strategic Planning, and other support services. Our product solutions include a unique command and control knowledge management system and an environmental line of innovative waste, water, and energy systems. We are a proud Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). – See more at: http://www.powerteninc.com/news/#sthash.PrBfkdWF.dpuf