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21 September 2012

Power Ten, Inc. and GoldBelt Hawk Team Awarded Aviation Training System Contract

Power Ten, Inc. and GoldBelt Hawk LLC. are pleased to announce they have been selected as the winners of the Marine Corps Aviation Training Systems (ATS) contract for the 2013 Fiscal Year with the option of a two year extension.

The Aviation Training System (ATS) integrates Marine aviation training processes and structures into a single, integrated training system, links training costs with readiness, and spans all Marine aviation communities. ATS institutionalizes processes that support Marine Aviation missions and provides on-time delivery of operationally and tactically relevant training.

Taking place throughout the United States and abroad, ATS integrates processes and programs for training that institutionalize Operational Excellence across all Marine aviation. "Operational Excellence" involves 1) increased combat readiness; 2) decreased cost of training – efficient and affordable; and 3) preservation of personnel and assets – Risk Mitigation through reduction in mishap causal factors from supervisory, procedural, and human error.

The GbHawk and Power Ten, Inc. team supports the implementation of ATS at each Marine Aircraft Wing by providing the operational and technical support at every the Marine Aviation Training System Site (MATSS). These MATSS facilitate the implementation of the ATS program throughout Marine Aviation and are under the operational control of the individual Marine Aircraft Wings (MAW). ATS resources provided and available at the MATSS include simulators and training devices, web-based training and learning management systems, academic courseware, electronic classrooms, and the military, civilian and contractor manpower to support, analyze, and provide input to improve training system performance. ATS products of the MATSS efforts include: 1) simulator and academic resource usage optimization; 2) aircrew Standardization and Evaluation; and 3) aircraft platform and community Training Management Team issue advocacy.

PowerTen, Inc. currently has personnel at MATSS sites in MCAS Cherry Point, NC, MCAS New River, NC, MCAS Beaufort, SC, MCAS Yuma, AZ, MCAS Miramar, CA, MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA, MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HI, MCAS Futenma, Okinawa and MCAS Iwakuni, Japan in support of the ATS contract.