TECH TUESDAY: Terragon Wins Lloyd’s List Award

Terragon Wins 2014 Lloyd's ListTerragon Environmental Technologies won the prestigious 2014 Lloyd’s List Award – North America for Technical Innovation, beating out a number of major companies nominated for the award at the Lloyd’s List annual award event on February 19, 2013. The event, taking place at the Houstonian Hotel, Huston, Texas, provides a chance for the industry to get together, not only to celebrate those that have excelled in their field, but also to meet with colleagues.

This victory, combined with the recent demand made by Transport Canada to the International Maritime Organization to create a new category of equipment based on MAGS, shows how revolutionary Terragon’s technology is and how it can impact the industry.

According to Andrew Korney, Director of Marine Sales for Terragon, “Terragon is honored to have received such a prestigious award from Lloyd’s List that recognizes our novel technology, MAGS.  The award is shared with our entire team who work effortlessly to research, develop and commercialize technologies that enable off-grid sustainability and the zero-waste discharge environment.”

Watch the awards ceremony here (Available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer users click here):

Terragon, a partner of Power Ten, Inc. developed and offers a unique tool for waste management, sustainability, and energy.  The Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS™) is an appliance supporting the dual goals of waste destruction and resource recovery critical to sustainable environments and efficient operations.  MAGS™ enables the local treatment of waste, as close to the point of production as feasible, while recovering energy resources in an environmentally sound manner.  In one day a single MAGS™ can process up to one ton of “as received” waste, reducing its volume by 95%, harvesting the valuable thermal energy contained within, and eliminating the negative impact of transportation, land filling, and incineration. In addition to typical organic solid waste, MAGS™ destroys medical and infectious wastes, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs and contraband, plastic media, as well as a range of oily organic wastes. MAGS™ is ideally suited for military, hotels, isolated stations, remote parks, temporary work sites, housing or barracks clusters, humanitarian relief, or anywhere there is a desire or requirement to treat waste locally.

For ships, by combining MAGSTM and WETT, Terragon is creating STEP (System for Total Environmental Protection), the world’s first fully integrated resource recovery system from waste. STEP enables any habitat to use all its waste streams, such as solid waste, used oils, sludge, oily water, and gray and black wastewater, to generate clean water and energy for the environment. STEP essentially enables any habitat to attain “zero waste discharge” and significantly reduce its need for new resources.

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