TECH TUESDAY: Doctor to release findings on toxic dust from Iraq

CBS NewsCBS News once again shared a story this weekend documenting the health hazards from burn pits facing soldiers during deployments. One recent study states that 14% of returning troops face health difficulties due to the toxins resulting from the burning of trash in pits. A study will be released this week detailing the hazards found from the exposure to the toxic dust soldiers have been exposed to. Watch the CBS News Story here:

There is a solution to this problem that is harming our troops. A team of highly respected former active duty Marines from Power Ten, Inc. is bringing the solution to the Department of Defense, through the USMC, in the form of MAGS™. MAGS™ is Micro Auto Gasification System, is a small gasification system designed to breakdown waste at the point of origin in an environmentally sound manner, without the toxic emissions, while harvesting the waste energy and eliminating the transportation burden. A single MAGS™ destroys up to 100 pounds per hour of as-received waste and reduces the waste volume by more than 95%, exporting more than twice the energy it consumes in the form of hot water and air.

Developed by Terragon Environmental Technologies, originally intended as a commercial appliance to service displaced habitats, ships, resorts, hotels, and hospitals, MAGS™ has great application for military shore installations and Naval vessels. Additionally, MAGS™ is well suited for expeditionary use and will reduce the risks, emissions, and costs associated with deployed waste disposal. In one day, a single MAGS™ unit will treat the waste typically generated by up to 1000 personnel or more with multiple MAGS™ units, and the exported energy will reduce the bases overall energy demand. MAGS™ is a compact system that offers exceptional energy efficiency, good economics, clean emissions and requires only one operator.

Forward Operating Base BurnpitCurrently being used by the Marines with funding and support from the Office of Naval Research, this waste appliance is the answer to the challenges facing our military when it comes to clean and effective waste disposal.

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