Social Media for Defense

16 January 2013

Social MediaSo, your company has invested the time and energy to become participants in the world of Social Media. You have carefully mapped out your goals and objectives and know your strategy, you have chosen the platform you are going to start with and now are ready to jump in head first. We discussed Twitter last week and the importance of setting it up for success, this week let’s take a look at another important piece of the puzzle, content.

At Power Ten, Inc., we constantly say that you are only as good as your content. In the snapshot world of social media, a quick glance will often determine whether your content will be seen and shared, or passed over like that spam mail from your wealthy relative in Nigeria who just passed away leaving his fortune to you for a small sum.

One of the immediate ways to know that you are being seen is the “retweet.” A retweet is simply where someone likes the content you have created or shared enough to pass it on to their followers. Here are 5 simple tips to get more retweets:

  1. Create and share quality content – This is the first and most important rule to remember when putting your message out to the masses. Ask yourself, “Does this matter to anyone other than me?” Your audience wants meaningful and interesting content. Often this will lead to them thanking you with a retweet.
  2. Social MediaShare during peak times – There are specific times where your followers are using social media. Use an analytics program such as Crowdbooster or HootSuite to discover when people are looking at your content and use this information to send out your tweets during these times. For Power Ten, Inc. we have found between 0700 and 0800 PST is a key time for people to see and share our content. These times will vary based on time zones and industry, but pay attention to these analytics for maximum coverage.
  3. Don’t use all 140 characters – Leave some room in your tweet so that your audience can add a comment and then retweet it. People like to add their two cents and by keeping your tweet short, others can comment and share it with their circles. This can be critical for others wanting to add a tweet at (@) to the content for a specific company.
  4. Include a photo or link – The importance of links and photos cannot be overstated when it comes to reaching a broader audience with Twitter. Studies have shown that infographics, links, and photos increase the chance of your content being viewed by your followers and then shared. This is especially important when trying to reach a younger audience that is accustomed to more visual stimulus and surroundings.
  5. Become timely – People are interested in what is happening now, use timely events, holidays, and other timely topics to tie your content to. Many of the popular search engines include the timeliness of information in their algorithms to determine placement on search pages. By sharing content that can be related to what is happening in the world today, you will increase your SEO placement as well as increasing the opportunity for others to retweet you.

Now that you have the tools at your disposal, go out there and use them. It is time for your company to be heard and there is no better way to share your message than to get started and see what works for you. These 5 tips can help get your voice heard. Share your thoughts on these tips or to share your own, visit us on Facebook or Twitter and share your thoughts there.


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